So, when I watched So You Think You Can Dance last week is when I wrote this, initially. There was one particular dance that made me feel this way… They should have just danced about making pancakes.

Yes, I watch that show. It’s a guilty pleasure, and so much better than that horrible Dancing with the Tzars.

I do have a problem this season though. No, it isn’t that they have brought in “all stars” to dance with the contestants. I kinda like that, it makes the contestants each seem to be distinguishable from their partners.

No, the problem I’m having this season is that I like too many of the dancers. I like almost all of them, and I’m indifferent about only a couple of them. Last season, I had contestants that I loved and others I really disliked. It is a much different feel for me.

But… yes. I didn’t mean to talk about this tonight.

I have a plea for you, dear reader. I made a change to the comment system, and some folks have complained that they cannot make comments. You shouldn’t have to log on, or to use Gravatar if you don’t want to, and yet, people tell me that they seem to need to log in to comment. I have not been able to replicate the problem here – it just lets me comment (yes, sadly I do use a captcha system). Could a few of you test the comment system for me? And if it doesn’t work for you, please send me what happened with the “contact” link, above? Thanks!

Thanks again for any help on that, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

– Drosh