The Adventures of Blue Bird has taken over as the main webcomic on this website. (Cast page forthcoming, though I think that it is pretty easy to figure out who is who.)

Who is Drosh?

I’m just this guy. No, I don’t know how to draw very well, but I enjoy the exercise of making a webcomic, and putting it out there.

I also play the ukulele, violin, keyboards, and a little guitar. Not “a little guitar” as in “a small guitar”, I mean that I play guitar a tiny bit.

I’ve made some short films, as well. Sometime, I’ll post them on this site.

What is Beware the Slumpy? Wasn’t there another strip here before?

Beware the Slumpy was a strip that featured several loosely connected story-lines and one-off gag strips. At some point, I began having severe shaking in my right hand, and I felt that I couldn’t draw it anymore. I started what I originally intended to be a mini-series, called “The Adventures of Blue Bird”.

Things happen. I was much happier with the freedom of Blue Bird, Red Bird, and their friends. I abandoned the old strip, and took those down. If there is a strip that you really really want to see again, send me a message and we’ll work something out. I am thinking of putting the original Slumpy strips back up on a sub-website, and slowly finishing that story. Someday.

“The Slappy McKean and Tony Baloney Show” originally was a mini-story in which the “Slumpy” story was interrupted, and the characters had to trick them to win the website back. I’ve left most of those strips in place, because they also interact with Blue Bird and Red Bird. And, well, I like them.