I seem to be repeatedly amused and troubled by the patterns that people insist on seeing in things. Pareidolia seems to run away with people.

I love Phil Plait and Bad Astronomy. I saw him speak at Yale about a year ago, and I read his blog regularly. I got to meet him for a few minutes after his talk, as he signed some books for me. Great speaker, super-nice man. If you have a chance to see him talk, don’t miss it!

The other day, he compared a pareidolic image in a field to, well, go look for yourself. So. Damn. Awesome. đŸ™‚

So, yeah, I was thinking a little bit about his entry when I wrote this.

Thank you, Phil Plait!

– Drosh

p.s.: Because I always seem to make someone angry: This entry isn’t anti-Christian. It’s anti-pareidolia. If you’re reading something else into it, maybe you’re projecting, and I suggest that you look inside yourself and see what bugs you so much about a stupid little web-comic. Thanks, and have a great day!