I am nearly ready to reveal the big project I’ve been working on on the side. Now, I want to put this into perspective, if only because I don’t blog anywhere else and I like going back and remembering these kinds of things.

I balance lots of things. I have a full-time day job. I’m a husband and a father. I have regular extended family issues that I must take care of. I put up this weird little webcomic.  And I’m also learning how to play the ukulele, and I practice each evening. (Well, I guess you could say that I play the ukulele, but there’s always room for improvement.)

On top of all of that, I added a significant, time-sensitive project. I’m a little shy about it, though. When I reveal it, perhaps you’ll forgive some of the slightly late comics over the last couple of weeks.

I hope you will, that is.

Your Humble Servant,

– Drosh