So, remember the other night when I was talking about Ketchup Chips? Well, I was in the grocery store tonight, and I wasn’t even looking for snacks, and there, sitting with the cheese puffs, was one, lonely, single bag of:


Ketchup Chips!

Oh dear, I am doomed.

Actually, it’s been over ten years since I’ve been to Canada, so it has been that long since I’ve tasted them. I don’t want to open them tonight: I’m not hungry, and I want to enjoy them.

But sooooon. Probably tomorrow night.

The cashier said “Do you like those?” and I explained about getting them each time I went to Canada and not having them for a long time. She said that they were selling out fast, and I explained that it was the last bag that I saw. I’m torn between wanting them to carry these regularly, and these chips being a random sort of thing that I only have on occasion. It probably makes me appreciate them more.

So. Yeah. Ketchup chips! See you tomorrow!

– Drosh