Also at Connecticon, I picked up book one of Garanos, which is drawn and written by Alex Heberling. Cool person! She’s finished writing Garanos and now has a comic called Alex’s Guide. Go check them out!

I’m almost out of Connecticon stories, but there are a couple of other books that picked up, and I’ll give them a post, as well. It seemed so long ago, already, even though it just ended barely less than eight days ago.

I don’t know what next year will be like. Will I get a table for Slumpy? Will I execute any of the brilliant costume ideas that I seem to have right after a con? Will I be living in Connecticut? Will I have given up on this dirty, dirty habit called Having A Webcomic?

I’ve no idea. I’m gonna scram before I say something else stupid. See you tomorrow, dears.

– Drosh