Also at Connecticon, I got to meet Matt Melvin, who is one of the guys who does Cyanide and Happiness. I picked up his book, and had him sign it for me.

I didn’t geek out too much, and I didn’t even go and tell him that I have a webcomic. I just didn’t feel comfortable. (I only told a couple people that I met about the comic, actually.)

He was nice, though. When I first saw that C&H were there, I said to him, “Are you here all weekend? Because I love you guys, but I gotta run,” and I ran away. (I was off to meet a friend.)

Later, I was able to go back to his table and I said “Now I can not be a spaz and buy a book like a normal person.” Matt signed the book, “To [Drosh], for non-spaziness”. 🙂

More tomorrow, dears.

– Drosh