like it matters, right?

I made a reaction video to the movie Tree of Life, and you can see it over here at Super Happy Awesome Movie Time.

It is a little unconventional, but it was fun to make.

Also, Jim, Lana, and I are working on a new project. News on that coming shortly!


– Drosh


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  1. m

    Ooh! Wait! Since there are transcripts out for each comic, does that mean that Bland Bird’s twin also has the initials “BB”? What’s her name… Blank Bird? Blander Bird? Boring Bird? Bland Booby? (Just pretend I didn’t say the last one…)

  2. Drosh

    I’ve a few ideas for a name for her, but is she even alive?

  3. m

    …*had the initials “BB”

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